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Seasonal Self-Care

The "holiday season" is upon us and that can mean a myriad of expectations,

demands, disappointments and delights.

Give yourself permission to invest in Self Care more intentionally during this time of year.

It doesn't need to be expensive or require large amounts of time.

It can be as simple as focusing on your Breath at a traffic light and thinking about the colors Red and Green.

My personal favorite Mini-Meditation I call "Ponder the Pause".

Using a 1 Drop of Rosemary essential oil and a Dab of Coconut oil in my hands.

I rub them together until the friction creates warmth, heating the oil.

Then, placing my hands over my nose and mouth like an oxygen mask, I breathe in through my nose deeply. I ponder the "pause" before I exhale naturally through my mouth. I usually do this about 5 times with the intention of inhaling deeper and pondering the pause a bit longer with each breath.

I find it helps in quieting my mind and grounding my being.

I have a small garden and often grab a twig and put it in my car or pocket.

I rub the fresh rosemary in my hands and repeat above.

Hoping you have a joyous season.

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